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iTunes Dec 13

A few nice itunes images I found:

iTunes Dec 13

Image by Hanna Iris Tolonen
Songs and 1 album I bought from iTunes on Dec 13. Want to recommend songs based on these?

I stumped the iTunes Genius Sidebar

Image by Paul Kelley
Apparently the new iTunes Genius Sidebar doesn’t have any suggestions for Breaking Benjamin besides the other BB songs I don’t have. Does that mean I’m not supposed to like anything else?

Cool Itunes images

A few nice itunes images I found:


Image by ʇhamin – free lancer
My iTunes right now

iTunes Controls in Windows 7 Taskbar

Image by barron
I thought this was pretty neat. There are little control buttons in the preview popup for iTunes. Very handy.

See larger version

iTunes CPU Usage, Again…

Image by carlosgomez
I can understand using the iTunes visualizations might tax the GPU a bit, but how does that lead to 125% CPU utilization and as a result, a CPU temperature of 82°C? An iMac G3 could do this, why does it consume all of a 2.16Ghz processor six years later?

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